Review of Octarine Warp Prototype Microcosm


I was lucky enough to receive this wrap as part of Firespirals Loyalty Scheme. For every 3 purchases over £80, you can fill in a form that qualifies you to win a prize picked at random. These prizes vary in value and can be anything from lanyards, tea towels to unreleased Prototype wraps.

The term “Microcosm” means miniature world.   So in this case we are looking at wood molecules under the microscope. Perfect for all you Microbiologists out there! This is the wrap for you!


This wrap arrived to me as a size 7. However, after washing it measured at 5.05m – a short 7. After several uses it now measures as 5.32m. Bang on point! That is not to say that with further washes and wear that the measurements may change.

This was perfect for me because a size 7 is one of my favourite sizes. So many things can be done with this size. I have two children who are very close in age (11 months to be exact) so a size 7 is perfect for tandem carries with both children or for fancy finishes with just the one child. One of my favourite “go to” carries for a fancy finish is the Frankencarry. I love all finishes that can incorporate your wrap into an item of clothing. This is one of them.


My first impressions of this wrap were that I am actually able to get a really good, tight and grippy chest pass when doing a double hammock. Chest passes are something I usually struggle with and can be quite hit and miss with me. However, one thing I have found with this wrap is that even with a sloppy wrap job, the grippiness of the chest pass really helps keep the carry in place and keep it supportive.

Taking it out of its packaging, it didn’t seem to have the initial softness that distinguishes Firespiral wraps from other brands. It did seem a little crispy. However, was very floppy and mouldable. Now this could just be because it has been a good while since I have received a brand new Firespiral wrap so my memory could be a little hazy. It has definitely needed a little breaking in and after its brief visit to the lovely Gwen from Swansea Sling Meet, it sure does feel a lot softer and has evidently grown since its wash!

Microcosm made its first appearance at one of my Sling Swing classes  where it had its first test. Could it withstand a whole session of gentle movement dancing without me having to adjust it in any way? It certainly could! Not once did it slip or dig in. It stayed put for the whole hour session as remained comfortable! I was very impressed. Only a small few wraps I have tried has had this same effect, one of them being the Firespiral Zora Twilight Tourbillon.

Withstood a two mile dog walk and remained solid and comfortable

During a two mile dog walk today, Microcosm remained solid and comfortable whilst carrying my one of my toddlers.

Looking at the design of the wrap, my first impressions were of intrigue. I was curious to learn just what the design represented. I immediately thought pebbles of some form but later had it confirmed during my live unboxing via facebook by the Firespiral ladies that it was indeed inspired by wood under the microscope. Just by running your hand along it width wise, it had a very distinguishable texture to it. A texture that reminded me of Baies Snow Geese wrap who’s unique texture allows the wearer to distinguish from one end of the wrap to the other without having to look and check which section of the wrap they’re holding. Very clever stuff!

All in all, I’m beginning to really enjoy using this wrap and it’s definitely softening up nicely! I’m very much looking forward to seeing what new colourways the lovely Firespiral ladies come up with!

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