Welcome to Wrapped in Rainbows & Sleepy Dust!

My name is Alaina and I’m a Babywearing Consultant based in Bridgend!

I started my Babywearing journey quite by accident after the birth of my daughter, when I was handed a high street carrier by a friend who didn’t need it any more.
However, it wasn’t until the quickly approaching birth of my son, did I look into it a lot more. It was then the obsession began!

After searching the web for local sling libraries and sling meets I almost missed Bridgend Slingers and Friends local sling meet’s Facebook page. I went along to a sling meet to discover that there wasn’t a sling library in Bridgend!

Since then, I ummed and ahhed about whether I should or even could do something about this…..Could I really set up my own library?

After a lot of research, training and joining several Facebook groups and pages, I had what I needed to take the next step. Confidence.

So here we are!

A Babywearing consultant

and working along side the local sling meet………….Bridgend’s very own Sling Library!

Thank you for visiting!
Have a look around and I hope to hear from you soon!